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Download of the new PageEar v2 is now available on in the download section.

 PageEar v2 on


 Here we go … I put the new PageEar 2.0 Webpage online. There you can view an online-demo of the administration. A download will be availale in the next days. If there are any problems, please report them directly.




 I know I know, you must be angry but I’m not sleeping. I have only 30 minutes to 1 hour from monday to friday to develop the PageEar and I wasnt happy with the result in August. I changed a lot and then a logo was required, a complete new webpage with a forum, faq, …. and much more other ideas. So I hope you now now, where the time is gone.

Here are two screenshots of the new PageEar Webpage and the PageEar Administration. It have to spend a lot of time to bring the small things to the end. Like text translation, tests, security, …. I do not give a new announcement when I publish the PageEar Administration but I hope soon.

Pagepeel Web ScreenshotPagepeel Administration Screenshot


Yes, I know, I am late but it’s not completed yet, sorry. I’m a perfectionist and I have, while developing the administration, some more features I want to include. Its currently working but I need some time to test it and bring it to the end. If my little son give me the time than I’ll publish the admin at the beginning of August.

Here’s a screenshot of the current administration.

pagepeel administration - manage multiple ads, mehrere Ads vewalten 


I got many question when the pageear administration will be available so its not ready yet but here is the first screenshot of the login ;o) 

pagepeel administration - manage multiple ads, mehrere Ads vewalten

I know that is not much but I want to show that I dont sleep … 60% is already done and the rest, I hope, I can finish next two month.

Some features for version 1.0

  • easy pageear installer
  • manage unlimited ads
  • image converting features
  • full configuration for each ad
  • nice statistics
  • maybe different custoner views to see its own stats
  • tried to keep the requirements small (works with >= PHP4.x, >= MySQL 4.x )
  • …..

Some more ideas? Great, let me know….

2 Reaktionen zu “pageear admin - the pagepeel administration”

  1. someone

    2 month overdue, pal ….

  2. eric redegeld

    was rome build in one day??


    so only an compliment for al your hard work, just remind to all the others

    THIS IS FREE!!!!!!!

    geep up the good work and if you need an test site send me a mail


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