Pageear - free peel away ad

In the summer 2006 the topic PagePeel (also called Magic Corner, PeelAd, peel away ad) comes up as a new interesting advertising form on websites. I found a lot of more or less well designed PagePeel scripts, but not a single of them was for free.

Here I would like to offer my PagePeel free of charge and without external advertisings. Only condition is that you leave copyright notice.

If you like free page peel script, a backlink would be nice.


  • NEW! Pageear is scalable now. You can change the peel size 100×100 and 500×500 Pixel by your own.   
  • Plays MP3-Files on startup, open and close of Pagepeel.
  • Possibility to leave peel open and wait for userklick to close. Close text is editable.  
  • Place it on the left or right upper corner
  • Open and close automaticly after X seconds
  • Speed of the small pageear could be changed
  • Flashcheck (Adobe© Flash Detection)
  • Reflecting image on corner
  • Color of the pagecorner
  • Link target on external side or own (self, new)
  • Downwardcompatibly up to Flashversion 6
  • Runs on nearly all Browser (FireFox, InternetExplorer, Opera, Safari, etc.)


1. Download free PagePeel - pack (see below).

2. Unpacked Zip archive on your harddisk.

3. Create two image with size of 100×100 pixel and 500×500 pixel in jpg format. The right top of the pictures (diagonal from the upper left corner to the right lower corner) is visible in your pagepeel. As example use / modifiy provided images pageear_b.jpg and pageear_s.jpg.

4. Edit the file pageear.js with a text editor. Change the urls to the swf files and the jpg images (pageear_b.swf and pageear_s.swf)

For example, if you put pageear on, the URLs must point there.

5. Upload all files on your server (e.g.: public_html/pagepeel/)

6. Include pageear.js and AC_OETags.js in your pagehead. Put the writeObjects() javascript function at the end in your body-Area. For example check index.html.

<script src="/dein_pageear_server_pfad/AC_OETags.js"
<script src="/dein_pageear_server_pfad/pageear.js"
<!-- Contents begin -->
Lorem ipsum Lorem ipsum Lorem ipsum Lorem ipsum Lorem ipsum Lorem
ipsum Lorem ipsum Lorem ipsum Lorem ipsum Lorem ipsum Lorem ipsum
 Lorem ipsum
<!-- Contents end--><script type="text/javascript">

If you do all right, the Pagepeel should be shown up on your side.

Note: Pagepeel does not works with a local call (thus if you start directly index.html). To test the pageear simply upload all files to your server an call index-file

ToDo for the next version:

- PHP/MySQL Admin
- Administration of several Ads
- Upload and automatically scaling the dimensions of images for the Pagepeel
- further configurable effects


-> Please read license agreements <-

-> A Backlink to this site would be nice ;-)  

Pre Release v1.4:

29.06.08: PageEar v1.4 (PagePeel free) Download


17.12.07: PageEar v1.2b (PagePeel free) Download

BETA v1.3:

26.03.08: PageEar v1.3 Beta !! (PagePeel free) Download

>> NEW: Pageear administration is available

Pagepeel administration

Want to support us?

29.06.08: PageEar v1.4

  • Peel will be visible if big peel is completely loaded
  • Peel is no scalable. Set size thumbWidth & thumbHeight und bigWidth & bigHeight in pageear.js for your images. I tested it with 200×200 Pixel for the small peel and 1000×1000 Pixel for the big one.

26.03.08: PageEar v1.3

  • Plays MP3-Files on startup, open and close of Pagepeel.
  • Possibility to leave peel open and wait for userklick to close. Close text is editable.   

17.12.07: PageEar v1.2b

  • Sometimes on first mouse over on the small peel the big peel image appeares to late. Fixed now.

13.11.07: PageEar v1.2a

  • Sometimes the big peel dont opens. Changed the communication between the peel over localConnection
  • Nice soft fadein its now possible if peel is loaded.

28.09.07: PageEar v1.2

  • Set pageear in left or right corner of the browser with the new var setDirection

18.09.07: PageEar v1.1a

  • Open and close automaticly after X seconds

10.09.07: PageEar v1.1

  • Fix pageear.js to avoid horizontal browser scrollbar
  • Speed of the small pageear could be changed (1:fast to 4:slow)

112 Reaktionen zu “Pageear - free peel away ad”

  1. Jeffrey Hoffman

    This PageEar v1.2 doesn’t seem to work in an internet explorer browser. I can only get it to show up using a firefox browser. Is there an explanation for this. I have this implemented using .php files.

  2. andy

    Hi Jeffrey,
    No, it works perfectly on IE ;)
    I have converted this wonder full script into a Joomla Module (.php, of course) and found there’s no problem with IE (both of IE6 and IE7).
    You can see and download my page peel joomla module from here :

    Thanks for your great work :D

    I have been working on a page peel script before, and I followed another pagepeel tutorial. But, since it’s published on German languages it really hard for me to understand :(
    Until I found your script. Made my life more easier :)

  3. Terry

    very cool module. I have recently installed the pagepeel module into the site for our school and everyone is extremely impressed. The only issue is that it is incompatible with Expose’ which we use for a Photo Gallery on our site. When I unpublish the pagepeel module the gallery works fine but when I publish it again the gallery fails to load. Any suggestions?

  4. Dave

    Jeffrey Hoffman is right. I just implemented this great script (thank you) and it does work properly (although I still cannot get the linking URL to work) in FF and not IE7.

    I have seen Andy’s Joomla modification and it does work in both browsers. Great job Andy!

    Any suggestions for myself and Jeffrey?

  5. Mikey

    The current version 1.2 opens the new window in a way that pop-up blockers catch. I did a workaround on this by using a javascript as an input to the URL variable:

    var jumpTo = “javascript:launchSite();”

    So when you click the peel ad this javascript will be called. The variable URL below is a randomly picked URL from an array I created. I also call the google analytics tracker within the function.

    function launchSite(){, “windowname”, “left=0,top=0, width=640, height=400, scrollbars=yes, resizable=yes, status=no”);

  6. Mikey

    Just found out that the function is blocked by the pop-up blocker in IE6 and IE7. The reason is this (taken from

    “This method must use a user-initiated action, such as clicking on a link or tabbing to a link and pressing enter, to open a pop-up window. The Pop-up Blocker feature in Internet Explorer 6 blocks windows that are opened without being initiated by the user. The Pop-up Blocker also prevents windows from appearing if you call this method from an onunload event.”

    Apparently the javascript call from the flash doesn’t qualify as an user-initiated action. Guess this leaves us with one option, a wish of a modification to the actual flash file to open new pages with target=”_blank”.

  7. admin


    if found the problem it is your implementation. With your website-code I have the same problem.

    IE7 dont like the spaces in the type attribute:

    <script type= ” text/Javascript ” >
    writeObjects ();

    Try this:

    <script type=”text/Javascript”>


  8. George


    I use the code from Centered Popup ( which replaces the “” statement with ( that overrides IE popup blocker. The code is as follows:

    var jumpTo = ‘javascript:Launch(””, 800, 600)’;

    function Launch(page, width, height) {
    OpenWin =, “window”, “toolbar=no, menubar=no ,location=no, scrollbars=no, resizable=no, width=” + width + “, height=” + height + “, top=” + (screen.height/2 - height/2) + “, left=” + (screen.width/2 - width/2) + “\”");

    The problem is that the “javascript” statement in var jampTo triggers Firefox’s popup killer (Firefox, and so far I haven’t found a way to override it. If you find a way, please share it.

  9. Frank

    Is there a way to resize the page ear from 100×100 px to 200×200 px? When i change this:

    // Size small peel
    var thumbWidth = 100;
    var thumbHeight = 100;

    to 200, it gets larger, but the .swf file in it stays 100×100, so a 200×200 image isn’t displayed correctly. Is there a way to solve this problem?

  10. admin

    @Frank: The size of the images are fix. You can only use 100×100 pixel images. Maybe I fix this for the next update. Regards Chris

  11. rogerbr


    I need to put your script in phpnuke - do you can help where to put this (what file) :

    I will try too in script Dolphin 6



  12. Frank

    When’s the next update going to be? Thanks

  13. admin

    Thanks for the great positive response, I try to put the next update online before christmas. ;o)

    Next Features:

    - Soft fadein if image completly loaded
    - communication over Flash localConnection (works cleaner)
    - different image sizes

  14. Dan Luke

    Instructions don’t make sense to a non-programmer as usual. Why not make a short video–would take about two seconds. The web is not more than just text (hint: you can use video now to describe and demonstrate…works much better).

  15. claritydigital

    Its very easy…do not have to be a programmer to understand. Instructions are in german yes, but all you have to do is upload the .js and .jpg & index.html files to your main directory, take the index.html, open it..note the code in the header…place that code into your header, note the code in the footer, place that code into your footer and you are done. change the mages to what you want them to be, and vuola

  16. claritydigital

    I am not german by the way…

  17. ReaderX

    Which lines of code do I need to modify in the javascript to change the size of the canvas? 100×100 is not enough. If you tell me the lines where you hardcoded the size, I will be happy to play with modifying it until I learn.

  18. TonyQ

    is there a way to use he script without a link - I used the peel on a map set and use the peeel for the map key but people keep clicking out of the peel and leaving the site. just need the peel without any link feature.

    Thanks TonyQ

  19. clover

    Very nice script indeed!. The only thing is that you get a horizontal scrollbar at the bottom of the page when you do the mouse-over…
    Any ideas on how to solve this?

  20. admin

    @ReaderX: It isnt possible to change the pagepeel size. Maybe in a later version. Greetings Chris

  21. admin

    @TonyQ: To use it without a link set as linktarget only thy symbol ‘#’ in the pageear.js. Greetings Chris

  22. admin

    @clover: I fix this problem with the current downloads, the openPeel function has moved the swf animation -1px outside the browser, change it to 0px and it works. Greetings Christian

  23. jgp

    I have a small issue with the peel going under my top flash animation. I tried to change the z-order with no success…

    Any idea?

  24. billsatx

    is there anyway to make it so multiple ads rotate with this?

  25. admin

    @billsatx: Yes, you can put a random select of your images in pageear.js. On every call of your pagepeel it shows another peelimage.

  26. admin

    @jgp: Set the attribute wmode=transparent in all your flashcallings.

  27. billsatx

    where or how can I find the instructions how to rotate images. Can they also be individually clickable? Thanks

  28. Roger

    Friend, Do you have a step by step to do this ? :

    >>>@billsatx: Yes, you can put a random select of your images in pageear.js. On every call of your pagepeel it shows another peelimage.

    Thanks for help.

  29. Trinh Minh Hai

    –with the peel going under my top flash animation–

    This is also my problem :D. I take alots of time to find how to fix it.

    Now i can fix with your answer . THank you very much :D

    This script is very nice and useful. Geart Jobs !!!

  30. Rodman

    Just wanted to let everyone know that this script works on many platforms.

    asp, php html, Here are few sites I have made it work on.

    Here is vBulletin® forum board that I got it working on:
    Here is asp site:
    Here is simple html site :
    so as you can see this script works on many platforms.

    Good luck and have fun with it.

  31. Dandy

    Absolutely awesome script Christian, originally I iused it on a Joomal site now am using on HTML driven pages, works great in Vista on IE, FF, Safari and Opera.

    The script does NOT work in IE v6+ on XP SP2 which is one of the most popular combination around. Any forecas as to if/when a fix will be available?


  32. Peter Brandt

    Hi, Perhaps someone can explain to me how the initial selection marquee around the Flash movie is avoided? You know the one, where you have to press “enter” or click on it in order to be able to interact with it?

    I would love to have these disappear by default on my Web sites!


  33. Elin

    HI - I like your script. But I wonder what the code for changing this is:

    // Öffnet das pagepeel automatisch wenn es geladen ist (false:deaktiviert | 0.1 - X Sekunden bis zum öffnen)
    // Opens pageear automaticly (false:deactivated | 0.1 - X seconds to open)
    var openOnLoad = false;

    I tried to set it to true - and tried 5 for 5 seconds. It didn’t work. What is the correct syntax?

    Yours, elin

  34. 1008


    Normaly, when uung th pageear on flashsites one should, in order to avoid, that the pageear is covered by the site-flashmovie, put following parameter in the html for the flash-movie:

    or , plus in the embeded object properties: wmode=”opaque” or wmode=”transparent”.

    Now I have the following problem : I have input text fields in my flashmovie-site. As soon as I use one of the above metioned parameters for the movie, the keyboardlayout in the textfields switches from german to english, which i a problem for example if a user wants to put his email-add in the text field and has a german-keyboard, he wont be able to type the “@”-symbol for example.

    Is somebody familiar with this problem? Id be very grateful for a hint or a solution. Thanks a lot!

  35. Andrew

    Hi there, for some reason my pictures dont load - there are just black. The size of the images are correct - does anyone have any hints ?? Thanks

  36. eric

    Can anyone tell me how to use this script in a flatfile based cms

    the file is a index.php what ever i tried i get a blanc screen, a simple html page works great

    thank you

  37. Richy

    Lovely looking script, but cant install the Joomla Version. I use Joomla version 1.12, is there any suggestion?

    Many thanks for any advice!

  38. DP

    Good morning,

    I had an issue with the page peel displaying under another flash animation on my page. I set the flash parameters to wmode=transparent but it still displays under the other flash animation.

    The test page I’m working on is located at the following address:

    Do you have any idea how I may fix this?


  39. Rob Rodgers

    It took a lot of looking to find this for free.
    And it’s WAY better than I thought it going to be. I thought I would have to mess around in Flash to get the reflections!
    You’re awesome.
    Is there a mailing list I could join to make sure I get all the updates?


  40. DP

    The page peel looks good but the hyperlinks and flashbuttons that are underneath the page peel area don’t work (even though they are visible). It seems like the page peel flash piece is covering the other links (even though they are visible).

    Can you tell me how to fix this?

  41. french-boy

    i’ve got a problem with the script when using on phpbb forum on IE7, when i write in a textarea some of the letters i hit on my computer don’t appear.

    For example :

    “I write a wrd onphbbb frum some letersdon’t wrk”

    It is the same problem hear in this textarea.

  42. DP

    I posted earlier about a problem with a peel displaying behind other flash movies.

    Now the peel displays in front but two other flash objects don’t appear at all. Only the gray and white backgrounds display where the two other flash movies should be.

    Here is the test page:

    Do you know what may cause the two flash objects to be invisible?

    Thanks for your help.

  43. Ruud

    Very great script.. I love it..

    A few things about it..

    - When using Firefox on my test site (also on this site) in the status bar the message “Read from [site]”.
    It looks like something in the script is not closed yet, and Firefox thinks there is more to come.

    - When I update the pictures with new ones (using the same name) the old images are taken from the cache. No way I can force updating the images.
    I assume the flash component does this? To get a new image now, I need to modify the script too.

    but.. even with these remarks.. I love this..

  44. Hugo Santos

    can we change the images to gif? i want to make animated images, specially the 100×100 image.

  45. pozycjonowanie stron internetowych

    This is fabulous ad to any website. Thank you very much developer. BTW:
    DP I had the same problem with other flash movies but have figured a way out:
    try to put both scripts AC_OETags.js and pageear.js at the bottom of a page - not in the head section – but above the function caller (writeObjects ();)
    Worked for me - may help you DP or anyone else.

  46. asak

    did any manage to change the image size?
    a 200×200 ear gets the attention i need - but the image isn’t shown correctly…

    Great (GREAT!) script!

  47. Jeff Jung

    Very cool and easy to use page ear! Well done! If I had feature to reequest - I think it would be AWESOME to be able to specify the size of the page ear. 100×100 doesn’t give much room for the teaser, but it’s workable.

    If it have tables or frames within a site, it would be cool if I could place it there as well - instead of way up in one of the corners.

    Anyway - really, really great job! Keep up the excellent work!


  48. Mushimas

    Hello there.
    Another thanks for that great work ;-)

    I’d like to have an animation when the ear is opened. No problem replacing the pageear_b.jpg with a .swf

    Now, I’d like to have that animation always start from frame 1 when the ear is opened again, as a kind of gotoAndPlay(1), and stops at its end.

    If I add a “stop” action at the end of my animation, it works once and doesn’t play again if the ear is opened another time.
    If I don’t add that “stop” action, the animation loops forever and is rarely at frame 1 when the ear is opened again.

    Any advice to have the animation always start from frame 1 when the ear is opened ?
    Many thanks.

  49. Alvaro

    I can´t make it run on my drupal 6.1 site. Wich steps need I to follow in order to have it working?

    Thanks so much!

    Best regards,

  50. Joel

    Works great, except if I try to pull it up using Linix and Open Flash. I get a copy right violation where the small jpg is. Or if I use Adobe Flash for Linix it doesn’t display properly.

    Why is that? And do you have any suggestions?

    Thanks again!


  51. brian

    I have my peel set up on the right. However if I hover the mouse in the left corner, a very thin peel still happens! So strange. Any ideas?

  52. ray


    Love Pageear!

    One thing… in Firefox and Opera, when sound is enabled, the mp3 is looped.

    IE plays it only once, which is correct

    Maybe instead of using Adobe’s Flash script… maybe use SWFObject instead?

  53. Jörg

    It should offer a clickable open. When I hoover it keeps opening and closing, so its disturbing when I try to reach my link Bar (FF).
    The drupal version uses the wrong path to the image directory (you can see using a non default path files directory)

  54. Neil

    Hello, I am trying to use your wordpress plugin, and it seems to be broken under the latest wordpress (1.5) Any suggestions on what I could look at to fix it?

  55. STEPH

    I have no clue what to do after step 3, i don’t understand change what urls where? what pagehead i have no clue what a pagehead is.
    please help

  56. Mark

    Has anyone had any luck installing this into a Miva shipping cart. I have tried and it is not working and not that easy.

    Any advice would be appreciate. Thanks Mark

  57. muro

    Hi, it is very cool extension for my pages, thank you. But I have a problem with version for joomla 1.5 . Installation was easy but the pagepeel is displayed only on home page (the first page which is displayed after page loading) and it doesn’t display on other menu pages. It means that it works only on my first displayed page.
    I have this extension installed on my joomla 1.0 and it works perfectly on all subpages..
    So I don’t know where is teh problem.. Can anybody help me with this?
    Thanks a lot

  58. Mike

    i’m french, sorry for my english

    My computer : XP SP3 with plugin adobe flash 10 beta

    it seems to have a little pb with openOnLoad = ‘false’; with FF3
    to see pageear_s.swf, i must write a numeric value

    also in AC_FL_RunContent for small, the name=bigSwf is incorrect, isn’t it ? name=smallSwf

    To finish, a suggestion for several img to include in the next version if you judge is correct

    * Konfiguration / Configuration
    var arraySmall_Img = new Array (’img1_small.jpg’, ‘img2_small.jpg’);
    var arrayBig_Img = new Array (’img1_big.jpg’, ‘img2_big.jpg’);
    var arrayUrl_Img = new Array (’url1′, ‘url2′);
    var randomdata = Math.floor(Math.random()*arraySmall_Img.length);

    // URL zum kleinen Bild / URL to small image
    var pagearSmallImg = arraySmall_Img[randomdata];

    // URL zum großen Bild / URL to big image
    var pagearBigImg = arrayBig_Img[randomdata];

    // URL to open on pageear click
    var jumpTo = arrayUrl_Img[randomdata];

    that’s all, and thanks for you script

  59. JVC

    I have to questions, How exactly can i make the ads rotate, make the script choose a random image?

    How can i make the small peel bigger?

    Thanks in advance.

  60. Spookjuh

    Works fine! (On a Drupal and a stand-alone site)

    Only Firefox sometimes doesn’t show the pageear.

    How can i add multiple ads? The code above doesn’t seem to work! And when is the next version coming?

    Thanx for this great script!

  61. Antony

    Thanks for an excellent tutorial. One quick question for you though, When viewing in Firefox the MP3 still loops, any ideas on how to correct this, so it only plays once?

    @Steph, the URL changes needed in the pageear.js file are to point to wherever you uploaded the SWF files and the .jpg images. For example, if you uploaded the files to a folder on your server / FTP account called “pageear” then you would put the path: “”

    I hope this helps.

  62. Kelvin

    The pageear_v1.4 have some problem. I cannot find what is the problem. My friend get to see it in IE and not in Firefox, in the other way, I get to see it in Firefox and IE, but IE’s doesn’t seems to function.
    Please advice.

  63. Joshua Needham

    Thanks for the Drupal contribution. I was scrambling to learn how to dev modules to create this feature but now I don’t have to.

    Just curious if it is possible to insert SimpleNews into the peel. So I would be advertising my newsletter and providing signup via the peeled area.

    Again thanks for the contrib and keep on truckin’

    Joshua Needham

  64. TIBI

    It look very difficult for me to make to work with it .I’m begginer in this and if is possible a video tutorial on a specific example, not general. Because it is at the general mode is hard to understand what i have to do. Thank you and please respond me even it is a stupid request.
    Have a nice day.

  65. cis

    Very nice script indeed.

    I was wondering is you could give in some fixed coordinated where the curl should apear. On my website you have one big image and it would be nice having this ear in the top corner of this image.

    Anybody? Of perhaps a next release?

    Kind Regards,

  66. farmer

    Does anyone have code for randomizing multiple image sets?

    Thank you, it’s a fun script!

  67. James

    Very good script but when I use it, all my other flash animations go white.

  68. Dax

    Page ear installs great, but one problem. If my page that has the curl also contains a more advanced swf that requires player9 then my advanced script wont load.

    Bummer… cant mix versions I guess. My animation needs to be AS3 so…

    Has anyone found a solution?

  69. Giulio


    Thanks for this very very good free script

    I made some test with the 1.4 version of this script

    and i verified that it is very critical with Firefox and Opera.

    very often it don’t appear.

    I think this due at this new feature

    - Peel will be visible if big peel is completely loaded

    I made a lot of test, i also preload the swf

    var swfb= new Image ();
    var swfs= new Image ();

    but without success.

    I also verified that the images small and big not match

    exactely with the right top corner (i tested 150×150 500×500).


  70. Peter Vanderheiden


    I used version 1.4 and it worked without a problem. I concur with Giulio. There appears to to be a slight shift to the left of the large image vs the small, making it look like the whole image is shifting left as it opens. This can be compensated for by editing the small picture and shifting it left slightly before uploading it.

    In return for getting such a great script I want to offer some additional tips that may help the totally novice user (I saw several struggling in the comments above).

    Suggestion #1: I found a site that references this site, the script and the same instructions as above. That site includes a little more detail that a novice may find VERY useful. See He shows the step 4 URL renaming in more detail (a couple people stumbled on this). He also points out how to get words in the corner (i.e., put them in the picture). He also has a slightly different set of instructions for step 6 plus a step 7 (since he apparently had problems with the original step). I tried it his way, and it worked for me (using Foxfire). If you are having problems with the original step 6 you might try this.

    Suggestion #2: Don’t try to use Notepad for editing. All code structure is lost in the display making it difficult to understand what you are looking at. You may be able to use Word (keeps formatting) and save it as a txt “file type” (keeping the .js extension). However, I don’t trust Word not to add or delete something. I suggest downloading the free JavaScript Editor at You only need to use the Open File, Edit Window and Save File features from this program (trivial). You can ignore everything else. It does a great job of showing all the code formatted so you can understand it and it even highlights certain variables in useful ways making it easier for a novice to grasp.

    Suggest #3: For step 5 (uploading files), if you are using a host site like GoDaddy, follow these steps. If you are using a different hosting company, these steps will give you a good idea of what to look for/do at your host site. In GoDaddy, go to My Hosting Account, and click Manage Account (next to your domain name). This takes you to your Hosting Control Center (control panel). Click on Your Files (file manager) to manage your site content. Click on Create Directory to create a directory to hold all your Pageear files. This should be created at the root level. You can call the directory “pagepeel” as suggested in the steps above, or “script” as suggested in the other site’s instructions. Open the new directory you created (click on it), then click the Upload button. Use the Browse button to find and highlight all your unzipped files (including your edited pageear_b.jpg, pageear_s.jpg, and pageear.js files) on your computer. Then click Upload.

    If you called your new directory “pagepeel”, the first line you edit in the js file in step 4 should look like “var pagearSmallImg = ‘’;” when you are done. Use this same format for the other edits. If you are following the other sites instructions, be sure to substitute the directory name “pagepeel” instead of “script” throughout the rest of his code edit/insertion instructions.

    Suggestion #4: To add the HTML code in step(s) 6 (& 7) to your root directory’s html page (often called the index.html file or GoDaddy’s Welcome.html, name doesn’t matter), just click on Parent Directory (in the file list just above your newly downloaded files) to get back to the top/root level of your directory structure. Then click the root .html file (index.html or Welcome.html etc.) and then click Edit. Then click the HTML button to use the HTML editor. When done, click OK, then BE SUREe to click the Disc looking button to Save the edited HTML file.

    That’s it. I hope that helps the novices a bit more in using this GREAT script.

  71. Peter Vanderheiden

    oops Foxfire=FireFox

  72. Nicola

    hi there,

    I use vers. 1.4 of pageear and I found it very useful.
    But in a few cases (like this at I have some trouble.
    Using firebug, I found the problem was a “999 AW Special error” from the web server for both flash files. I know this problem was related to user-agent settings and I also know that problem was found on MS IIS 6 web server (maybe with new updated version of .net framework).

    Have someone faced this problem? and how it was fixed?

  73. Dovid Leonard

    can someone post how to format the MP3 in the code- it isnt clear.

  74. Mark

    I am trying to configure pageear to run properly and not trigger pop up in IE7. I have downloaded v1.3 and it works as per
    however clicking on the peel activates the pop up blocker.
    How do i get it to work like where if i click on the same peel it allows the pop up window without an issue.
    Help its doing my head in, I have tried the JS work arounds as per mikey post but still have an issue.

  75. Fernando

    Hi, first of all, nice job! It works terrific!

    A question, how to link it an image to open in the same page a lightbox?


  76. admin

    Hi Fernando,

    in pageear.js set a javascript function call instead of the url.

    var jumpTo = ‘javascript:myOwnFunction()’

    Have a good one.

  77. Bo

    I would like to integrate the page peel into zen cart! But I couldn’t manage it!
    Help is much appreciated.

  78. BN


    I installed Joomla Page Peel and it is working fine and I want to show each time page resfresh to show different Add .
    Any adwises ?

  79. kodin


    great script. i wonder, can this page peel ads script insert in body?

    means that the flash display in center body, and fit with browser.

    i use ur script in this website

    the problem is, when user resize the browser, the flash will change position also. in firefox, the flash goes missing.

    so, can we fit the position?

  80. admin

    Hi Kodin,

    yes, thats possible. The pagepeels are in two div container which are positioned absolute. Try to play around to set both div relative and put the writeObjects() call into the div layer where the peel should appear.


  81. kodin


    i manage to play around. what i do is, i style the peel using div in index.html file


    then in pageear.js

    i insert float:left beside position:absolute

    and it works!! here the working one

    thanks christian.. :)

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  83. Ben

    Hi all, sorry for the stupid question…But I install the module in Joomla 1.5…It’s working and all but only in a module, how do I put it in the top right corner of the browser…? I’m a noob in HTML so I hope it can be done easily…

    …Thanks for the help…!

  84. Joe - Carpet Cleaner Websites

    Is there a plugin for Page Peel Wordpress?

  85. Peter URal

    Leider funktioniert das Pageear mit openOnLoad = false nicht mit Mozilla. Im IE läuft es hingegen einwandfrei.
    Es wird in Mozilla nichts angezeigt, jedoch zeigt der browser bei Rechtsklick mit der Maus im Feld rechts oben an, dass hier ein Flash Feld liegt.

    Wenn ich für die bigdiv “wmode” = “window” angebe, funktioniert es auch, jedoch erscheinen dann sehr unschöne Ränder!

    Wenn openOnLoad z.B.= 3 ist, funktioniert es normal.

    Wo liegt mein Fehler?


  86. Abhijeet


    I have 2 questions:

    1. Can I have 2 peeler ads at a time on the page?
    One at left corner and another at right corner.

    2. Can peeler ad open automatically only for the first time?
    and after that on page refresh it should not open automatically.


  87. glynn

    Hello I cannot seem to make it show in firefox or safari. it does work in all internet explorers, chrome and opera though. Can you take a look at my website and see if you know why it wont work please??


  88. Ivan

    Thank you very much for offering this for free!

  89. Neil


    I have other peelaway programs, but they either:

    1) don’t work with my Flash banner
    2) won’t appear OVER the Flash banner
    3) don’t work on Macs (yours does)

    Will I have a problem with #1 or #2 with your plugin?

    Thanks a lot!


  90. Chris

    I hope someone can help me as I’m having trouble to position this over an image. Strangely enough, if I change the put the SMALL swf on top of the image it’s OK but the large one goes under the image. Z-indexes are correctly placed, what could be the problem?

    Thank you.

  91. MaYsTrO

    Wonderful script
    But I have a simple question
    Where I can put the code in vBulletin templates?

    Lorem ipsum Lorem ipsum Lorem ipsum Lorem ipsum Lorem ipsum Lorem
    ipsum Lorem ipsum Lorem ipsum Lorem ipsum Lorem ipsum Lorem ipsum
    Lorem ipsum



  92. Raul Nunes

    Is there a way to remove the scoll bar at the bottom when peel opens?

  93. atlantica gold

    i manage to play around. what i do is, i style the peel using div in index.html file

  94. wdesigners

    Hi Christian,

    my top flash is worked right in firefox but in IE it run under peel.

    * I used


    at the end of body

    my test is in:

  95. Rowan

    Thanks for the tutorial. I have seen these ads around the net, and always wanted to know the archetecture behind actually building them.

  96. Vectorbunker Blog » Free Page Peel Script

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  97. J

    Brilliant script - thanks! Very simple to install and the result is great… but I do have one question: How come the large image seems to move slightly (one pixel!) to the left compared to the small image on

  98. Bideford College Web Dev » Blog Archive » Just a Soup’Son of what’s been cooking in the web dev office!

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  99. Mees

    First I have to say you made an awesome script:).
    Works like a charm and runs very smooth.
    I love it:D.

    But something strange happens.
    I wanted the pageear to show up in the left corner..
    So I edited the *pageear.js* file.
    [code]var setDirection = ‘lt’;[/code]

    Strange enough the pageear still shows up at the right corner.
    What did I do wrong?

    (Refer to for the script)

  100. Chuck

    I’ve installed pageear and it does not work on IE 64-bit. Is there a fix coming for this? Works fine on the 32-bit IE. But, on 64-bit it just sits there and looks cool, but doesn’t peel.

  101. Jorge

    Hi there,

    I use vers. 1.4 of pageear, and I found problems with 2 hosting.

    I have the same code, html, js, php in Dattatec Hosting
    and the site the script run properly.

    I have the same code in HostGator Hosting
    and the site the script don´t work.

    I have problem with HostGator, don’t work, I need help.

    Thanks for your help.

  102. Jorge Dhios

    Hi, I installed “PagePeel”in 2 places. One of them is a dynamic site on this site works very well.

    But I installed the plugin for wordpress and size of the corner is much smaller than the case I mentioned earlier.

    What I can do to have the same size as the first example.

    Thanks… Jorge

  103. Matthew

    My Page Peel will not work on Chrome. Can someone help or suggest what is wrong. On all other Browsers my Page Peel shows up. On Chrome Its a blank transparent page peel that isn’t displaying my ad. And once you cliick on where the ad should be you get a forbidden 404 error message.
    Please advise

  104. itsme

    Can someone tell me how to enable the sound.
    Thank You

  105. NTIC & Diaries » How To Create A Page Peel Advertisement In WordPress !!

    […] some based on jquery, but those looks very basic and unattractive, but thanks to Christian Harz ofWebpicasso, he have create a great pagepeel script based on flash and highly and easily customizable […]

  106. Jermayne

    This script is great and works once uploaded. I will recommend this.

  107. Iuli


    I have quite a strange problem.The effect appears, but my page won’t peel if i hover with the mouse. I tried every browser. What am i doing wrong ?

  108. Kebabope morapedi

    Does any one have an idea how this works on self hosted wordpress just like my website.Instead of displaying my theme website it shows only the actual index.html that i uploaded with other files.Which files do i exactly put the javascript codes above on.Is it the header or the index file?

    Your suggestions are welcome

  109. Quimbox

    Great this work very good. Thanks for the implements.


    I seem to be having the same problem . Any suggestions yet?

  111. Page-ear Ads

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  112. Lemonade

    Hi, it seems the pageear has problems with newer browser versions. It does not work in IE 9. I also just upgraded to Firefox 6 and the pageear stopeed working there too. Is there a planned update fixing this problem?

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